How Military Patches Are Worn

Military personnel, especially soldiers, are required to maintain the best appearance at all times. They are required to follow decorum, especially when it comes to dressing. Part of this mandate is the keeping and wearing of uniforms. This contributes to the well-groomed and neat appearance of all soldiers. This may seem trivial but has an important contribution to building the morale, pride and spirit of the military. Shabby looking military reflects low group morale, which leads to poor group performance. Smart looking units boost group morale and pride, leading to better confidence in the self and in the group.

Soldiers are mandated to wear their uniforms proudly and with respect. Part of their uniform is the patch. Military patches mean a lot of things. The Army mandates that these small scraps of fabric should be properly worn in the right place. It may be small and sometimes almost inconspicuous, but the meaning it bears is much heavier and more important.

Military patchesA patch can be a branch insignia. That is, the military branch to which the soldier is assigned to is written on the patch. For example, the words “US ARMY” is clearly written on small rectangular patch. Branch insignias are worn above the left breast pocket of the uniform.

The soldier’s name is also part of the many patches worn on the military uniform. The soldier’s last name is written in a small rectangular patch. It is worn on all of the soldier’s uniform shirts and coats, a way of identifying him to his peers, both during combat and during military events and occasions. It also identifies him to civilians wherever he goes. This patch is placed above the right breast pocket.

The unit patch is another of the many military patches worn on the soldier’s uniform. The military requires all soldiers to wear the unit patch. It readily identifies the current unit assignment of the soldier. This is worn on the left shoulder of the uniform. Also, the patch denoting the current unit assignment is placed in front of the beret. Sometimes, the unit patch of a prior combat service is allowed to be worn on the left shoulder of the uniform.

The rank patch is one of the military patches that are placed on the left sleeve of the soldier’s uniform. This is prominently displayed. Often, the rank patch is a chevron, shaped like a vee. A single chevron denotes a lower rank, stacked chevrons mean a higher rank. Privates are denoted by a single chevron on the uniform’s left sleeve. The higher the rank, the more chevrons are on the patch.

The US flag is indispensable of the many military patches required to be worn by all soldiers. It is also worn in a unique way. The patch is a reverse image of the flag of the United States of America. It is designed this way so that the flag looks dynamic. To the observer, the flag looks as if it is flying in a stiff breeze and mounted on a pole held by the soldier. The field of stars of the US flag is positioned towards the front of the uniform. This design also has a very important meaning. This can differentiate a soldier from friends and enemies. That is, an improperly placed US flag patch means that the wearer is an impostor. Or, if the flag is worn upside down, the wearer is sending a silent distress signal to allies.

There are also special patches that a soldier is allowed to wear. Special patches indicate a distinction. Examples of special patches are those that the soldier acquires when they earn Special Forces, Airborne or Ranger qualifications. These special patches are worn on the left shoulder, above the unit patch.

The Top 7 Asian Restaurants in Pensacola, Florida

If you are in Pensacola and looking for a taste of some Asian Cuisine, look no further! Here we present a list of the top 8 Pensacola restaurants that have Asian food. In this list, not only are we going to give you the name of the restaurant, we are also going to give you the address (to make it easier for you to find) and the phone number (if you have any questions for them).

1. Sumo Sushi

This top quality restaurant provides Volcano and Cowboy rolls, Saba nigiri and a lot more sushi options to choose frome. Providing excellent service, it will probably be the best sushi you will eat in your life for a reasonable price. Not open on Sundays.

Address: 224 E Garden St, Ste 6, Pensacola, FL 32502-6036
Telephone number: 850-432-7520

2. Yamato Oriental Cuisine

Pensacola RestaurantsBeing in business for more than 40 years, this is one of the best Pensacola restaurants that offer real Japanese taste. Its trademark is the excellent Plum Wine and the Hibachi. Also on their menu, the teriyaki steak is a must if you visit this beautiful restaurant.

Address: 131 N New Warrington Rd, Pensacola, FL 32506-5850
Telephone number: 850-453-3461

3. Jerry’s Drive-in

The moment you step in this restaurant, you feel like in the fifties! It offers tasty sandwiches, burgers and fries, but its true ambassadors are the sushi rolls! Offering a superb bar area, it’s perfect for singles and couples alike.

Address: 10100 Hill view Drive, Pensacola, FL

4. Shanghai Buffet

With typical buffet food, the restaurant is a good bet if you prefer consistency. Including very little MSG in their foods, it’s a good place to eat at when you’re with your family or friends at the mall.

Sun – Thu 11:00 am – 9:30 pm
Fri – Sat 11:00 am – 10:30 pm

Address: 1741 E Nine Mile Rd Ste 11, Pensacola, FL 32514-5478
Telephone number: 850-857-8891

5. 2 Stix

With delicious steak and shrimp, 2 Stix is a great restaurant to satisfy your hibachi needs. You get treated just like a King but without the exorbitant prices one would expect. A nice modern and upscale decor complements this restaurant’s uniqueness. Their menu offers a good selection of dishes and sushi while also including hibachi. Also on their menu is a fixed price meal for two that includes one appetizer, soup and entrée for each person and one desert. Good for satisfying your hunger.

Address: 4731 Bayou Blvd, Pensacola, FL

6. Hunan Garden Restaurant

Offering Asian cuisine, this is one of the Pensacola restaurants that surprise you when you enter it. The food tastes wonderful, drinks are included with their buffet and the quality of their rice is marvelous. Very friendly ambient and you’ll never have your glass empty. Their best dish is the Bo bun hue soup.

Address: 5850 Mobile Highway, Pensacola, FL 32526
Telephone number: 850-432-3433

7. Jin Jin

Despite offering a relatively small buffet selection, the quality is good. Their best two dishes include coconut shrimp and roasted chicken. Providing fresh food and great service and a clean environment, it is indeed a quality restaurant to eat at.

Address: 32 South Blue Angel Parkway, Pensacola, FL 32506
Telephone number: 850 457 2688

There is a little bit of something for everyone on this list, regardless of what your tastes may be. Whether you look for specific Asian cuisines or just want to try out something new, this list provides you with details on where to go.

Exploring Some Fundamental Elements of Internet Marketing According To SEO Companies

Internet marketing is something that many people assume they know back and forth. When you discuss this option with tech personnel, you will realize that everyone has their own idea of what it entails and how you go about implementing the right pieces. You will find that you may also have the wrong view of things, and that can cause a great deal of miscommunication when you need to apply the right pieces to the marketing collateral that you are trying to gain leverage within. For those that are looking for a way to leverage search engines today, the best way to go about things is to look into how SEO companies focus on the correct elements overall. You’ll find that there are a variety of things that need attention and it’s not simple or easy.

Juggling Marketing Collateral

SEOFirst and foremost, when you look at things the way SEO companies look at them, you’re going to find that there is a juggling act in place. The juggling act allows you to gain leverage within a variety of different pieces, and every single element will cause you to think twice about what you’re doing to leverage the world of marketing. The problem with not knowing that there are a lot of pieces, is that you end up focusing on one over the others.

This is seen with social media work most of all. You’ll find that a lot of social networking elements seem simple and easy to permeate within. That is misleading, but it’s something that gets worked on far more than it should. Look at any amateur marketing agent and you will see this in action. Better yet, you will see that this is inaction, as you’ll end up losing a great deal of market share if you are not juggling the right pieces overall.

Whether you hire someone to help, or you do all the work yourself, you’ll find that there are multiple layers and elements of marketing that need to be done in order to gain leverage within the world of marketing today. Without this, you will end up losing out on the greater good that is required to gain leverage in today’s search engine heavy web interface.

The Fundamentals Start With Assessing Competitors

When you’re breaking down what to do moving forward, you will want to look at what the competition is doing. If you know what your competitors are doing, you will be able to interact with all the right pieces and gain leverage within the world of marketing. If you do not know what others are doing, you are going to be basing a lot of your work on the wrong pieces. You absolutely need to focus on publishing the right components and working on only the right pieces moving forward. Only when you focus on the right elements overall, will you be able to gain any sort of leverage.

The fundamental elements of SEO include article marketing, blogging, infographics, content, and so much more. These are all going to help you create market share, depending on where you are publishing the pieces and how you work within the boundaries of each option. It’s easy to end up losing sight of the bigger picture here, which is why you should always start with assessing what your competitors are doing to help create market share overall.

Building Content That Gets Shared

The next big step here is to look at content marketing in a whole new manner. No matter what type of website you create, you need to make sure that you utilize all the best elements of the definition. There are no less than 15 different types of marketing collateral associated with content publishing, and if you work within the right pieces, you will get moving forward with all of them in the appropriate manner. Whether you have a blog setup, or you are working on an ecommerce solution, you will absolutely want to chase this solution in the correct manner.

Building the right pieces overall requires you to take a closer look at what you’re doing to market your page. You will find that if you just focus on one of the 15 elements, you will not gain leverage at all. It’s very important that you focus on building content that matters, and that means that you will need to look for what your audience wants. Your audience will make or break your influence on the web, especially if you focus on the right pieces overall. If you just post up the same old drivel over and over again, you will end up falling short of the glory of marketing altogether.

Sharing The Content Without “Sharing” The Content

SEO companies look for opportunities to build links, through earning them. That means that they focus on building the content that is so good, that they don’t share the posts or pieces themselves. However, linking a social media button to their profile and allow others to share things is important. That’s the big difference. When you focus on allowing others to share your links and be the loudest supporter, you will see major opportunities moving forward, guaranteed. Just don’t allow yourself to lose sight of social media.

Defend and prosecute – what’s the difference?

When you think attorney, the image that comes to mind is that of a middle-aged man with a briefcase crammed full of documents and wearing a three-piece suit and polished black shoes. It is, clearly, a stereotypical image of a city lawyer, and many people tend to think that all lawyers are the same.

But this is simply not the case.

The subject of law is a branching tree. Every fruit and leaf has its own life. Criminal law, for example, has many different aspects – homicide, white collar crimes, theft, and etcetera. It is not an organism that has stopped evolving. Instead, it is very much alive and multi-faceted.

In the same way, lawyers can be divided into groups as well. The most distinct groups would be two: defense attorneys and prosecutors. To help further underline the differences between the two professions, it is helpful to focus on just one branch of law – criminal justice.

To start, criminal justice is defined as a branch of law that deals with intentional harms against individuals but is also taken against the rest of the population. In criminal cases, the government files the case against the accused, thus the often used titles ‘People vs. Accused.’

For the sake of this discussion, the duties and responsibilities of a criminal defense attorney and a prosecutor must be delineated. Firstly, the latter usually represents the government (or the people, as it may well be) while the accused party hires the criminal defense attorney Salt Lake City, or any other city, could, in some cases, get a public defender for the accused party if the latter cannot afford to hire a private attorney.

lawProsecutors have a moral responsibility to indict the accused on charges filed against them by the people. The duty of a criminal defense attorney is the exact opposite – to protect the accused against the charges filed by the people.

To give a concrete example, if a case is filed by the government of Utah against a suspected criminal, a public prosecutor is hired to prove that the suspect did indeed commit a crime. The job of proving otherwise – that the suspect is innocent and should be freed of all charges filed against him or her by the state – lies with a criminal defense attorney Salt Lake City jurors will have to be convinced of these arguments. This is done through direct examination, cross-examination, presentation of evidence, and a battle of wits between the prosecutor and the defense.

Additionally, while a prosecutor is usually hired and paid by the government at a fixed rate, the price can be dictated by a criminal defense attorney Salt Lake City prices might have to be considered, for example, when looking for an attorney in that area. He or she can also set up the terms by which they would be paid – hourly billing, case billing, or through a retainer.

However, things are not as clear cut as that. A prosecutor in Utah, for example, after working for the government for quite some time, might opt to put up their own private practice as a criminal defense attorney Salt Lake City laws and ordinances would not be a stranger to this person because, by then, he or she would have been well acquainted by then with how the law works in that specific county.

One may think that one side is better than the other because the former sides with justice while the other sides with the criminal. This is, obviously, not the case. A prosecutor and a defense attorney balance each other out. A skilled defense can save an innocent man from entering jail, thus letting the government know that the real perpetrator is still out there. In the same way, a skilled prosecutor can put a criminal behind bars, where he belongs, with evidence and fact.

Still, though their duties and responsibilities differ, prosecutors and defense attorneys ought to work toward a common goal. More than earning their keep, they ought to keep in mind that the end goal of every case is to unravel the threads of truth. Only then can real justice be attained.

A Guide to Trading Custom Baseball Pins and Other Pin Types

Ever since its beginnings in the 1890s during the Athens Olympics, the tradition of pin trading has become a staple in sports culture. The popularity of the pin trading phenomenon is understandable enough. For one, it adds a fun component to sports that even ordinary spectators can enjoy. You don’t have to play in the game—let’s face it, most of us can’t. But that does not mean you can’t join in the fun—everyone can participate. It does not matter if you are young or old or if you can’t catch a ball to save your life. Pin trading created an extension to the sports world that is accessible to anyone.

custom baseball pinsSecondly, it is a great way to meet friends. Remember that everything started with athletes trading badges and pins as a symbol of their friendship which goes beyond international boundaries. Whether in the Olympics or in the Little League, it promotes camaraderie and rapport. Many a friendship has started with a trade over custom baseball pins and the like.

Furthermore, it can be even as exciting as the sport itself. Everyone enjoys bargaining over custom baseball pins, and many savor the rush of the friendly competition over which pin is worth what. The fun part is however these negotiations and bargains come out, everyone is a winner—you both have new pins to add to your respective collections.

But whether you’re into trading custom baseball pins or other sports pins, here is a short guide on channeling your inner pinhead and winning the pin trading game.

First of all, find something you are genuinely interested in. Pins are not limited to sports. It could be pins from places you visited, or it could be politics, religion, organizations, even cartoons; whatever you are interested in, chances are there are pins for just that. Of course other collectors go for books or shirts or stamps or coins, but pins are among those that you can easily trade. These are easy to carry in large quantities, so you have more chances of trading for even more pins even on the road.

Second, find all the pins you currently have. These do not necessarily have to be among the kind you are interested in, but having these pins will provide you a starting point from which you can begin trading. Even if you are not interested in these, remember that someone else might be—and a trade with that person could prove to be very profitable for both of you.

Make sure you do your research as well—lists are readily available for you to consult regarding the value and appearance of pins. You can come up with your own list of pins that you want to acquire as well. There are some books available on the subject, and you can also check out the blogs of fellow pin enthusiasts for what pins they want and what pins they offer. This will give you a good idea of what pins to gather first before your first trade. Furthermore, consulting these sources is a good way to learn how to spot fake pins, so you can avoid unscrupulous pin traders.

For your first trading meet, you can look up venues and schedules online. Start with nearby venues, and then when you have managed to acquire a respectable pin collection, you can branch out into other places. This is the best part of the pin trading experience, so make sure you are prepared. Make sure that you properly display your pins—for instance, you can try attaching them to a black velvet sheet. Aside from making your pins aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching, this will demonstrate that you are serious about pin trading. But remember the key part—whether you are trading custom baseball pins, political badges and lapel pins, or whatever else, you are in the meet, first and foremost, to have fun.

Build a Brand with Silicon Wristbands

If there’s one thing that small businesses and large corporations have in common, it’s the fact that they’re always trying to stay relevant in today’s society. They want their names to be seen everywhere to constantly remind people about their company, product, or brand, and that is why there are so many promotional items given away on any given day. Posting a company’s name on just any product won’t necessarily do the trick. These companies need an item that would not only spread awareness for their brand in the most efficient manner, they also need something that would last longer than a billboard or television commercial would. This is where silicon wristbands come in. Here are just some of the reasons why these stylish and colorful bands are the best marketing tools out there today:

silicon wristband• Customizability – One stumbling block companies encounter when choosing a promotional item to giveaway to existing and prospective customers is that they all look alike. These items are usually mass-produced then personalized with a company logo or slogan. While this may seem like a time-saver, marketers would have to consider what their competitors are giving away, which are pretty much the same stuff – only with a different logo printed on the items. Silicon bracelets can be customized from beginning to end. Manufacturers allow their clients to choose everything from the color and width of the band to how the name or logo is printed on the bracelet. This makes for a more unique and more memorable promotional giveaway.

• Cost-efficiency – Promotional items are given away on a daily basis. This means companies shell out money each day just to make sure that their name gets recognized. Spending money on something that is expensive or on something that is “cheap” but is easily broken is not a good way to invest one’s marketing budget. Customized wristbands that are made out of silicon are inexpensive to produce, especially when bought in bulk. Not only that, they are also very durable and is expected to last a long time. By spending money on this type of giveaway, companies will definitely earn more than they spend on marketing and advertising.

• Exposure – Companies give promotional items away to thank their loyal customers, and to make sure that they spread the word about their brand. This is why silicon wristbands are perfect for this type of marketing strategy. These stylish bracelets can be worn anywhere – to the supermarket, to school, or even to church. When a customer wears a wristband with a company’s name or logo on it, the people they come across with and interact with will definitely see it. It’s like advertising on a billboard – only much, much cheaper.

• Versatility – Many promotional items that are given away are only good for a particular season. Plastic cold beverage tumblers are popular during the summer, while customized scarves and stainless steel coffee mugs are great for winter. Silicon wristbands, however, are great all year round. They’re perfect for any season or any occasion. Companies can also sponsor events and come out with silicon bracelets to give away or sell to the attendees to commemorate the event.

Giving away free stuff draw customers in like bees to honey and companies have long been taking advantage of this. Promotional items given away by companies may seem like no big deal at first, but the type of products they give away projects a certain image that a customer will remember for a long, long time. Giving away products of substandard quality will reflect on the company and the products or services they sell. Silicon wristbands on the other hand, give customers the impression of youth and relevance to anyone who gets one.

What Makes Taylormade Golf Drivers Special

Golf woods or drivers are perhaps the most essential clubs in a golfer’s set. Because the driver starts a player’s approach to the hole, you want to hit the ball as accurate and as far away as you can. Hitting a perfect tee shot is the number one objective of a serious golfer.

Giving an amateur golfer the benefit of hitting a tee shot in the middle of the fairway means cutting down his disadvantage against an experienced professional by a lot. That’s how important a golf driver is.

Before this article discusses the unique features of a Taylormade golf driver, you should first understand some aspects of its performance.

t-41. Head –Round headsare the most conventional type and have low center of gravity. Pear shapedheads are smallerbut moreaccurate. Square heads are also preciseand they are more forgiving than the first two types.In general, smaller heads give your shots more precision, while larger heads can help you hit the ball more frequently but with less control. An average sized head has an effect that is in between the previous two.

For golf beginners, a larger club head is recommended. A smaller head can certainly provide better accuracy and excellent shot placements, but if you cannot hit the ball in the first place those advantages mean nothing. When starting out, your priority should be to hit the ball as frequently as possible. Once you have mastered that, then it is time to focus on improving club control and shot accuracy.

2. Loft – The loft is the anglebetween a golfclub’sface and shaft. Itaffects boththe distance travelled by the ball and the trajectory of a shot. Low-lofted drivers give longer drives but they are less accurate. The opposite is true for high-lofted ones. If you are a beginner, a higher lofted driver is recommended. This is because even if you can’t hit the ball strong enough, the ball willloop up and stay in the air for a longer distance.

3. Spin rate – The stronger is your swing speed, the lower the spin rate should be because this results in greater distance. For beginners who have weaker swing speeds, a higher spin rate is desired to sustain ball flight and achieve maximum possible distance.

4. Shaft and shaft flex – The shaft’s length is important to increase a driver’saccuracy. The longer the shaft, the stronger is your swing speed and the greater is the distance. However, it gives less accuracy and control. Shaft flexrefers to the rigidness of the shaft. A softer shaft creates more spin that causesthe ball to be hurled higher, while amore rigid shaft causes the ball to travel very low.

Now that you know these facts about a golf wood, you can better appreciate Taylormade golf drivers.

Taylormade golf drivers have higher loft, low center of gravity, and produces very low spin to give the greatest distance possible. With these drivers, any golfer can achieve his maximum potential distance without worrying about swing speed.

A longer distance is the result ofintegrating strong swing speed, high launch angle, and low spin. Taylormade drivers are made with a low center of gravity because it promotes better speed and less spin. It also has a higher loft that maximizes air travel,allowing the ball to go farther.

Taylormade golf drivers also come with Loft-sleeve technology. This feature allows a golfer to adjust the club’s loft to his own preference. You can select from twelve different angular settings ranging in between plus or minus 1.5 degree change per slot.

When it comes to design, Taylormade golf drivers have a modern shape, color, and style that make it visually menacing and beautiful at the same time. The simple design and comfortable weight make itperfectly easy to use even for a beginner.

Live Chat and the Server Push Technology for Small Companies

With live chat’s server push technology, small companies have increased chances of expanding. As a wider audience, composed of potential investors, is being targeted through social media marketing and multimedia marketing, the number of generated sales may grow. Through it, brands may be promoted successfully and the quality of their services is exposed. As a result, this allows them to be aware of how their operations can be improved and to have an idea of the turnarounds should they choose to proceed to bigger involvements.

About Server Push Technology

live chatThe server push technology is an internet-based communication arrangement that involves sales being initiated by the company and outsourced to entities via advertising, emailing, social networks, and other marketing means. It revolves around the concept that unless investors are approached, account activity won’t be possible. Its way of engaging audiences is through consistent deliveries (i.e. digital catalogs, instant messaging, email advertisements, and video promotions). By getting them hooked on particular services, these people will begin putting in their time.

Examples of Server Push Technology

• HTTP Server Push Technology

HTTP server push technology is the mechanism used for deliveries of unsolicited information from a web server directly to a web browser. It is aimed to ensure that the transferred files won’t be terminated even after these were already submitted and target clients have finished viewing them. As other like-minded groups may still access the arranged data describing small companies’ offers through other connections, it invites random people to check out all services regardless of these not being meant primarily for them.

• Long Polling Server Push Technology

Though considered by some as not being close to server push technology products, long polling server push technology is noted for allowing emulated push mechanisms to be delivered. Especially in cases where a real push being made is impossible, it is the server technology that comes to the rescue. As it is designed to go against sites that are difficult to employ, those with complex security policies and those that typically reject incoming web requests may be accessed.

The Uses of Server Push Technology

Live chat’s server push technology is used for more effective information dissemination. It works by getting people to subscribe to a preset channel. When it recognizes the subscription, it will push content to them. As it can sometimes be difficult to remain updated on a particular subject due to multiple announcements, a default setting that automatically releases latest stories while maintaining a similar quality with every approach is useful.

The Advantages of Server Push Technology

Among the common advantages of live chat’s server push technology for small businesses is allowing sources to stay on track with their services. Though regularly check accounts in social networks is somehow considered normal, it can still be difficult for some to stay committed. Should people be familiar with their advertisements, media, and other offers, their brand will gain popularity.

Why Do Small Companies Need Server Push Technology

Small companies need live chat’s server push technology as it helps them be exposed to bigger communities. They may not realize it yet but they’ll become more observant of how they proceed with their business and they can acknowledge the areas that need to be worked on. In case they prefer to pass on the opportunity to expand, the technology is still advantageous as it gives them a picture of how results will turnout.

ApexChat contact center will monitor your website 24×7.though its live chat support.

Common SEO Mistakes and Tips on How to Avoid Them

Is your search engine optimization campaign not giving you the desired results? The common SEO mistakes problem could be that you are making a mistake, obvious or otherwise.

Understanding common SEO mistakes will help you avoid them.

InternetPeople often make the mistake of failing to do proper keyword research. This is a big problem because search engine robots do ranking based on keywords. There are several keyword research tools that you should use to get the best keyword (such as the Adwords Keyword Research tool from Google). You should use your keyword/s in the content, on the title, on Meta data, on the Alt tags, and on links. Keyword optimization not only helps with search engine optimization, but it also helps people who are searching for what you are offering reach you easily.

Link building is one of the most effective White Hat SEO techniques. However, some people make the mistake of buying only low-value backlinks. When it comes to backlinks, quality beats quantity. Avoid links from irrelevant websites, spam websites, and link farms. The best backlinks are those with .gov and .edu websites.

Some people do not understand the importance of indexing. You might have the most search engine optimized website, but it will not give you the desired results if it is not properly indexed, keeping in mind that search engines have massive indexes from where they pull listings for analysis according to ranking algorithms. Some of the factors that prevent correct indexing include flash animations, such code elements as Javascript, and image overuse.

Avoid the mistake of sticking to the same website just because it has a good ranking. Google has a recent freshness update and updated content will improve your ranking. You should also update your website regularly because outdated content will reduce the perceived value of your website, thereby reducing hits and consequently sales.

There are people who focus on search engines. Your focus should be on visitors. SEO is important, but even if visitors end up on your website and they do not like what is there, there will be no conversion.

Another common mistake is having a segmented approach to SEO. Your campaign should be part of a larger marketing campaign. Some people do not see the need of hiring a professional for search engine optimization. You should also avoid the common mistakes of being caught up SEO trends, slow iteration, time-consuming workarounds, ignoring URLs, lack of consistency on the website, JavaScript menus, and not using different anchor text.